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Established in 2012 by Waylin Ott and Dee Winston, two men steeped in oilfield experience, RedZone Coil Tubing set out to be the premier leader in coil tubing completion technology and service for all major unconventional play areas of the southern United States–Eagle Ford Shale, Mississippi Lime, Cana Woodford, Granite Wash, Cline Shale and the multi-target Delaware Basin.


RedZone Coil Tubing is a leading provider of coil tubing services in West Texas and western Oklahoma. RedZone’s dedication to the safety of our team members, success of our customers, and protection of the environment has allowed us to successfully develop relationships with operators, vendors, and team members to build a company to exceed the goals of our customers and stakeholders.


A leading provider of large-diameter coil tubing services, RedZone Coil Tubing has extensive experience in coil tubing completion applications. By utilizing cost-effective solutions through large and highly refined integrated services, RedZone was built to be a dynamic leader in the industry.

RedZone places high value on their team members, customers, equipment, and stakeholders – allowing for shorter reaction times through experience-driven decisions, therefore optimizing job quaity.

This level of experience – when combined with a highly-trained and experienced team AND full-service state-of-the-art specialized equipment – ensures that RedZone will meet our customers’ needs to the highest levels of satisfaction.


By utilizing innovation, efficient operating practices and devoted technology, while offering the best value and experience to customers, our service exceeds all expectations.


Our success can be attributed directly to the team members who keep our operations efficient and safe. Based originally on the vision of two men, RedZone has become an industry leader driven by many.


RedZone builds on the past experiences and applied knowledge of our many team members to create reliable solutions.


Wherever the job takes us, we are willing and able to go. RedZone has become an integral part of operations within the unconventional plays of the southern United States, and we are ready to work with you.


Competitive pricing ensures that we are able to offer an uncompromised level of service.