• Our equipment is specialized and customized for specific operational purposes, ensuring more proficient completion of projects and more effective operational methods.
  • Equipment designed for safe, timely deployment (rig-up/rig-down)
  • Consistent, dedicated team that will understand the customers’ specific needs
  • Specialized efficiencies include: pre-job planning, communication, fuel truck, post-job debriefing, and safety analysis
  • Equipment fleet contains all of the necessary equipment for project completion
  • Coil tubing: large diameter CTU’s
  • 21,500’ of 2.375”
  • 24,000’ of 2.000”
  • Fluid pumping: dual 850 HHP quintuplex pumps • Nitrogen pumping: 180,000 SCF/hr (3000 SCF/min) heat recovery
  • Nitrogen transport: 6,500 gallons of liquid nitrogen • Cranes: 50-ton to 110-ton
  • Ceberus/Orion data acquisition
  • Torque & drag analysis pre-job planning
  • Aradia: coil fatigue life & job analysis